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About Boom

Koninklijke Boom Uitgevers was founded in 1841 and has grown into a publishing group which develops multimedia activities in the field of high-quality national information provision.

Over 300 professionals work in the cultural, educational, scientific and professional information sector, as well as in the provision of news through books and magazines, from various locations in the Netherlands. This information is provided by a variety of digital means. All activities are carried out by various publishers operating under the umbrella of the Koninklijke Boom Uitgevers holding.


Koninklijke Boom Uitgevers is a publishing company focused on national specialised markets in which culture, education, science and profession are paramount. Koninklijke Boom Uitgevers is fully characterised by its independence; the company wants to keep a clear influence on the content of its products. The company is characterised by its high quality and reliability, as well as the commitment of its employees to society. These characteristics are considered the most important core values, both within and outside the company.


‘Good publishers are natural networkers’

We are a fifth generation family business. This publishing company was founded by my great-great grandfather, a pharmacist with an interest in the public cause.


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