1. General

1.1 These promotional terms and conditions ("Promotional Terms") apply to all promotional games of chance ("the Promotion") organised by Koninklijke Boom Uitgevers BV, located at Stationsweg 66, 7941 HG Meppel, or one of the companies belonging to its group, possibly in cooperation with third parties. Boom, the organising company in question, shall hereinafter be referred to as the "Organiser".


1.2 Participation in the Promotion implies acceptance of the Promotional Terms.


1.3 The Promotion is offered in accordance with the 2014 Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance, which came into effect on 1 January 2014.


1.4 The Promotional Terms can be found at www.bua.nl, www.boomfilosofie.nl, www.boomgeschiedenis.nl, www.boomhogeronderwijs.nl, www.boompsychologie.nl, www.boomtestonderwijs.nl, www.businezz.nl & www.nt2.nl.


2. Participation

2.1 Participation in a Promotion is open to any natural person, with the exception of employees of the Organiser and/or employees of suppliers, sponsors, and/or partners who are directly involved in the Promotion.


2.2 Participants who are younger than 18 can only take part in the Promotion with the permission of at least one parent or legal guardian.


2.3 The Organiser may ask for proof of a participant's date of birth and/or for a copy of a valid form of identification.


2.4 A natural person may only participate in the Promotion one time. Participation using an intermediary is not allowed.


2.5 Participation in the Promotion is free of charge, unless otherwise stated in the announcement of the Promotion ("Announcement").


2.6 The Organiser is entitled to exclude or refuse to award a prize to a participant in a Promotion if they are of the opinion that the participant is not acting in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, has provided incorrect, incomplete or misleading information, or is otherwise committing fraud.


3. Means of Play

3.1 Details about the Promotion, such as the participant's performance - if requested - entry dates, prizes, the date the winner will be determined, etc., will be listed in the Announcement.


3.2 If work is requested that may be subject to intellectual property rights, the participant shall declare that they are the owner of all intellectual property rights on the work and that they are not infringing on the rights of any third parties. The Participant hereby grants permission to the Organiser and any partners who are involved in the Promotion, according to the Announcement, to use the work for promotional purposes or for other purposes, if they are stated in the Announcement. Use is understood to include all future forms of utilisation and publication of the work. The participant will receive no compensation for the aforementioned use by the Organiser or, as the case may be, partners in question.


4. Prizes

4.1 The selection of the winner(s) will be done in an impartial manner.

4.2 The prizes are not transferable for cash or for another prize.

4.3 The winners will be informed personally within three months after the end of the Promotion, via the e-mail address they have provided. If the winner does not respond with their address within 14 days, then he/she shall no longer be entitled to the prize.

4.4 The winners will be announced on the Promotion Website(s) and/or other media, such as the Organiser's social media channels and online newsletters and those of any partners involved in the Promotion.

4.5 By participating in the Promotion, the winner confirms that he/she is prepared to cooperate in promotional activities in connection with the Promotion, including the awarding of the prize. Any photos of this may be used by the Organiser for publicity purposes.

4.6 There will be no communication regarding the outcome of the Promotion.

4.7 The Organiser will be responsible for paying the Tax on Games of Chance, if owed.


5. Use of information

5.1 The information that the Organiser receives in connection with the Promotion will be included in a database for which they are responsible and will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.


5.2 By participating in the Promotion, the Participant accepts that personal information will be recorded and used by the Organiser to carry out the Promotion, which also includes correspondence in the context of the Promotion and, if the participant has consented via opt-in, sending the additional information mentioned in the opt-in.


5.3 The Participant agrees with the Organiser's Privacy Policy.


6. Liability

6.1 The Organiser, their partners, and the third parties they have brought in are not liable for any damage, direct and/or indirect, that results from or is in any way connected with the Promotion, including but not limited to:

a) any additional expenses that the winners may incur in connection with the acceptance and use of the prizes;

b) damage in relation to the prizes they have awarded or the use thereof;

c) visible or hidden defects in the prizes they have awarded;

d) damage upon delivery (shipment) of the prize;

e) the completeness and correctness of the information displayed or provided by the Organiser;

f) computer and/or internet outages;

g) the result of incorrect information or contact details that were provided by the participant;

h) damage in connection with changes to or termination of the Promotion.

6.2 The Organiser makes no guarantees regarding the prizes they will award.


7. Miscellaneous

7.1 The Organiser is entitled, at their discretion and without prior notice, to change the Promotion and/or the Promotional Terms during the Promotional period or to stop the Promotion without giving any reason. Changes to the Promotion and/or the Promotional Terms, as well as the termination of the Promotion, will be publicised by the Organiser on the appropriate website.

7.2 Cases which are not covered in these Promotional Terms shall be decided by the Organiser.

7.3 Should one or more of the provisions in these Promotional Terms become invalid or unenforceable, the Organiser will determine a replacement provision that comes as close as possible to the purpose and purport of the invalid or unenforceable provision.

7.4 Complaints regarding this promotion can be addressed to info@bua.nl within ten days after the complaint has arisen or could reasonably have been known about, under the subject "Promotional game of chance complaint". The Organiser will handle the complaint and contact the participant about settling said complaint. If the complaint is not settled to the satisfaction of the participant, they have the option of submitting a complaint to the Dutch Gaming Authority with regard to promotional games of chance.

7.5 The Promotion and Promotional Terms are governed exclusively by Dutch law. Any disputes arising from the Promotional Terms or the Promotion can only be brought before the competent court in Amsterdam.