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    Royal Boom Publishers

    Royal Boom Publishers is a multi-media publishing enterprise active in areas of high-quality, national and regional information provision.

    From a variety of locations in the Netherlands, more than 400 professionals are active in the scientific, educational and professional information branches, as well as in the current news sector with newspapers and free home-to-home delivery papers. Royal Boom Publishers is also active in information provision in the areas of the Internet, news TV, teletext services and TV productions. These activities take place under the auspices of different publishers and production companies, all under the umbrella of the Royal Boom Publishers holding.

    The activities of Royal Boom Publishers are all related to publishing in either regional mass markets or national specialised markets where education, science and trade play a leading role. Royal Boom Publishers distinguishes itself by its independence; the company wants to retain clear influence on the content of its products. It also finds it important to have direct contact with those who supply the information and to know the clients and their needs, and final/end users.

    Other distinctive features of Royal Boom Publishers include high quality, reliability and the social engagement of the company and it´s staff. Both inside and outside the company, these characteristics are considered to be the most important core values.

    Royal Boom Publishers was established in 1841.

    To see an interview with John Boom, one of our directors, press here.



    ‘Good publishers are natural networkers’

    We are a fifth generation family business. This publishing company was founded by my great-great grandfather, a pharmacist with an interest in the public cause.
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